In an Agricultural Field in Rural Texas, a Video Depicts a Tesla Cybertruck Stuck

After the ground-breaking for Tesla’s lithium plant, a Twitter user saw the pickup.

With its contentious design and lofty expectations for significant power and torque figures, the Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most awaited electric vehicle in the world right now.

The next truck, which is anticipated to begin manufacturing during the third quarter of the year, might also perform admirably in off-road conditions given that it almost certainly incorporates an all-wheel-drive mechanism and an adaptable air suspension configuration.

However, a recent video posted on Twitter by @stephfischer13 shows a Cybertruck stranded in dirt in a field in rural Texas, which may surprise some people who had high expectations for the electric truck’s performance off-road.

When examined more closely, it turns out to be the exact same Cybertruck which Elon Musk drove during the groundbreaking event for Tesla’s lithium refinery a few days ago, complete with the unique black roof rack.

When some commenters questioned if the truck was actually stuck, the original poster responded, “No, the Tesla people simply stood there strolling around as if questioning what do we do now.”

A few images of the area where the Cybertruck appeared to be having trouble were uploaded by @stephfischer13 about five or six hours after the initial video was posted. The photos show what appears to be the ideal site to become stuck in wet, sticky mud.

It’s also important to point out that the concerned Cybertruck appeared to be using all-season tyres, which are inappropriate for that type of terrain, rather than off-road or mud tyres.

It appears that Drew Baglino, Senior VP of Powertrain & Energy Engineering at Tesla, was the person behind the wheel of the truck rather than Elon Musk. Following the groundbreaking ceremony, he tweeted that it was fun to muddy up the Cybertruck.

In the end, even if it occasionally doesn’t turn out exactly, it’s important to know that the individuals directly associated with the construction of the car are adopting a hands-on approach to their work.

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