At Giga Texas, Tesla Surpasses its Aim of Producing 5,000 Model Ys Per Week

The initial target for mass production at the factory, 5,000 Model Y cars per week, has been met by Tesla at the Gigafactory Texas.

The carmaker has been bringing its two main factories, the Gigafactories in Texas and Berlin, up to volume production at the same time. It led to friendly competition between the two.

The standard target for Tesla when scaling up a new automobile to mass production at its latest plant is 5,000 units per week.

With 5,000 Model Y automobiles produced per week in March, Gigafactory Berlin succeeded in meeting that objective. Early in April, Gigafactory Texas, which was slightly behind, was producing 4,000 Model Y automobiles per week.

5,000 Model Y SUVs were produced at the Gigafactory Texas in a single week, Tesla officially declared today:

Although Giga Texas reached the milestone a little later than Giga Berlin, the crew had a valid justification.

Different difficulties are being faced by Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin. The main difference is that some cars produced in Giga Texas come fitted with Tesla’s 4680 battery module, which enable the unconventional “structural battery module” chassis design.

It adds some complexity to car manufacture and is a new method.

While it is now known that Tesla can build 5,000 Model Y units per week at the factory, it is unclear how many of those are being made with the company’s original 2170 cells and how many with its new 4680 cells and structural battery pack.

E Auto Arena’s Opinion

The news is excellent for Tesla. When the manufacturing lines weren’t being used to their full potential, Giga Berlin and Texas constituted a drag on the automaker’s performance.

5,000 units per week was the target Tesla set for mass manufacturing, and it has been reached at both sites, although we are sure there’s still more optimisations to be made.

It ought to assist Tesla in enhancing the Model Y’s gross margins, which have been impacted by large price reductions this year.

Tesla Surpasses its Aim of Producing 5,000 Model Ys

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