What do you Have to Say About the Design after Seeing a Tesla Cybertruck

A recent Tesla Cybertruck sighting appears to raise further questions regarding the design of the electric pickup truck. How do you feel?

The Cybertruck was unveiled by Tesla in 2019 and received mixed reviews for its design.

While many were unimpressed with the design, others praised the company’s audacity and determination to try to reinvent how a pickup truck might seem like.

We feel like Cybertruck’s design won over a lot of hearts and minds as we keep an ear to the ground in the EV and Tesla community. Additionally, 1.5 million reservations are undisputed.

However, our understanding regarding the pickup truck was still fairly constrained, and since its design is continually developing, people’s perspectives are shifting.

Some Tesla supporters appear to be having second thoughts after seeing a brand-new Cybertruck beta prototype in California.

It appears from the comments on the appearances that many individuals are alarmed by the Cybertruck’s front end. In this sighting, it appears to be quite short and rounded.

It could just be the light reflecting on the right portion of the front fascia and the angle at which the photo was taken, but it’s difficult to tell.

Tesla is attempting to start producing the Cybertruck in the summer for deliveries to begin at the end of Q3.

E Auto Arena’s Opinion

Personally, we feel that we haven’t seen the truck in enough varied lighting and angles, thus it still surprises us when people’s opinions shift after each glimpse of the pre-production model. Although we do agree that it appears front heavy from some perspectives, we believe it looks assertive rather than bad.

What do you think, though? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

What do you Have to Say About the Design after Seeing a Tesla Cybertruck

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