Owner of a Tesla Model Y Describes Her Reasons for Attempting a Gas Fillup

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, defended her on Twitter by pointing out that “habits die hard” and stating that it “happens from time to time.”

Old habits do indeed die hard, and new electric vehicle owners are no exception.

It’s difficult to break the habit of stopping at petrol stations to fill up your car, as a UK-based Model Y Tesla driver discovered earlier this month.

Danielle Wright, 22, was shown on camera pulling up to the petrol station and then frantically attempting to find the car’s fuel filler cap, much to the delight of other drivers.

She circled the vehicle with the petrol nozzle in her hand, looking for the fuel cap door, and only gave up after she was repeatedly informed that the vehicle was an electric vehicle.

Obviously, the video went viral, and as you might expect, some of the comments that were left online were not very nice, such as some labelling the Tesla driver “dumb” while others saying that the video was manufactured.

Even Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, commented on the video, saying that it “happens from time to time” and that “habits die hard” in a Twitter post. The puzzled Model Y driver saw that she had to explain why she attempted to fill up her EV with petrol in light of the plethora of (unwanted?) attention – the video received more than 40 million views.

Digital artist Danielle Wright revealed that she had had a tough day when the video was filmed in an interview via the Daily Star (via Teslarati). She said that because her Model Y seemed so new at the time, old habits took over.

Since the automobile is spanking new and this was at the conclusion of a long day, I honestly have no idea what I was doing. My car doesn’t truly require gas, but as I pulled into the gas station, my mind was on the candy I was going to buy from the counter, she said.

Wright also expressed her frustration with some of the video’s remarks, while she does acknowledge it was a “embarrassing mistake.” She continued by expressing her frustration with remarks that the car was not hers.

The most frustrating part was perhaps when they even claimed it wasn’t their automobile and that they had more money than sense. I adore vehicles, and I worked really hard to obtain this. Owning a Tesla is indeed a dream come true, according to Wright.

She appreciated the CEO of Tesla’s attention, to speak of the EV manufacturer. Elon, she continued, “replied and stood up for me, and he’s supposed to have the largest brain in the world.”

Owner of a Tesla Model Y Describes Her Reasons for Attempting a Gas Fillup

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