GM Envolve Debuts as an all-in-One Resource to Assist Fleets in Switching to Electricity

GM Envolve, General Motors‘ newest business division, debuted on Wednesday. To enable commercial and fleet clients to make the switch to electric vehicles smoothly, it is the intention to deploy all GM resources to provide a new, all-encompassing user experience.

GM introduces Envolve, enabling electric fleets

In the US fleet and commercial registries for MY23 vehicles, GM claimed top spot after posting increase for the sixth consecutive quarter in Q1 (+27% YOY).

GM anticipates the momentum to continue as a number of additional electric vehicles, which include the Chevrolet Silverado EV as well as BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric van, are set to join the BrightDrop Zevo 400. In the initial quarter of 2023, according to GM, more than 500 BrighDrop Zevo 600s had already been produced.

Additionally, delivery of the Silverado EV work truck variant (WRT) to the initial 340 customers are anticipated to start in late Q2.

GM Envolve Debuts

The new GM Envolve company was unveiled by Steve Carlisle, president of North American activities, at GM’s annual Fleet Solutions Summit. Carlisle said that the carmaker is retooling to give a single-source commercial and fleet business partner.

The company offers the full toolkit from GM, allowing clients to access all areas of the business for a smooth transfer, including:

• Mobility: Electric vehicles and components like the Silverado EV WRT and Brightdrop Zevo
• Delivery: GM’s BrightDrop enables smarter, more effective movement of goods.
• Energy: Provide business power solutions with HYDROTEC fuel cell technology, fixed storage for batteries, seamless charging, and cloud administration.
• Insights: OnStar offers data-driven solutions to streamline business processes while safeguarding people and property.
• Growth: Consulting services for EV infrastructure, energy, finance, technology, and sustainability are readily available to assist clients in maximising performance and growth.

GM Envolve will be made available to customers, including Domino’s, which this year became the largest pizza company to go electric when it ordered 800 Chevy Bolt EVs.

The leading automotive parts retailer AutoZone, another one of its commercial partners, will utilise the services for its planned purchase of 60 Chevy Bolt EUVs, which will be its first EV order this summer.

On the company’s Q1 earnings call, GM CFO Paul Jacobson stated that the Treasury Department’s most recent advice confirms that the company’s entire fleet of EVs that meet the MSRP ceiling will be eligible for the whole $7,500 EV tax rebate in 2023.

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