General Motors Mini Bronco-Like Electric Vehicle Was Sighted In China

Chinese media has published the first pictures of the Baojun Yep (YueYe in Chinese), a small electric SUV produced by a partnership between GM, SAIC, and Wuling (SGMW). The fun-sized, two-door compact SUV looks a lot like a Ford Bronco.

GM JV’s Baojun Yep mini-EV SUV was sighted in China

The Wuling Mini EV, which will be the most popular completely electric vehicle in China in 2022, is the most well-known product of the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture (JV).

In the quickly developing Chinese EV industry, Wuling Mini EV sales exceeded 500,000 in 2022, making up close to 10% of all pure electric vehicle sales.

Following its launch the previous year, the Wuling Mini began to outsell Tesla in the Chinese market in 2021 with a start-up cost of under 28,800 yuan ($4,112). There are 14 different variations of the little electric car, with the smallest having dimensions of 2920 mm in length, 1493 mm in width, and 1621 mm in height.

The company will add another small electric vehicle to its lineup the following month. The Baojun Yeah tiny electric SUV is produced by GM’s joint venture, according to Car News China, but it is sold under the automaker’s second brand, Baojun, which is seen as an improvement above Wuling.


The SUV will have two doors and a trunk, and the following measurements:

• 3381 mm in length
• 1685 mm wide
• 1721 mm tall

The micro-SUV from SAIC-GM-Wuling will be around 2 feet (0.6 metres) shorter than the Suzuki Jimmy, an automobile with a gasoline engine, for which Suzuki just unveiled fresh EV designs of its own.

The GM-built EV has a single rear e-motor that can provide up to 68 horsepower, 103 lb-ft (140 nm) of peak torque, and a top speed of 62 mph. In CLTC conditions, a lithium iron phosphate battery has a driving range of 188 miles (303 km).

The Yep appears to have the look of a tough SUV like the Ford Bronco in pictures, but in reality, it is considerably smaller.

In April, the Yep mini electric SUV will make its official appearance, and in May, deliveries will start.

EAutoArena’s Opinion

Can GM import the little ev SUV to the United States? For short journeys around town, like to the beach, the Yep would be ideal.

A smaller electric SUV might find a market in the US, where many people prefer the larger trucks and SUVs. The American market for SUVs is still expanding, and so are CO2 emissions. Despite soaring EV sales, the IEA reports that the CO2 emissions from SUVs alone nearly hit 1 billion tonnes last year.

For individuals who desire an SUV but don’t absolutely want to invest in anything as enormous as what is currently on the market, a smaller, more economical SUV can offer the ideal middle ground.

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