Europe’s Tesla Model Y delivery wait times rise

As the Model Y’s delivery wait times increased, it appears that Tesla’s price cuts earlier this month were successful.

The expected outcome in Europe is the rise in consumer demand and production issues at the Berlin Gigafactory.

Manufacturing outpaced new orders in the final months of 2022, while supply chain shortages made it difficult for Tesla to meet demand last year.

As a result, Tesla is currently lowering prices in important markets to pique consumers’ interest. Over the majority of the range, the US, EU, and China are all receiving substantial discounts.

Wait times for the standard RWD configuration used to be between January and February, but now they are between February and March.

Despite a slight delay, the Long Range and Performance versions will arrive in January or February.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y was expected to be produced at the Gigafactory in Berlin.

However, Tesla appears to be putting in a lot of effort to increase production capacity, and the German government seems to be in favor of it.

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