Tesla Model 3 has been spotted once more in the wild

Photos of what appeared to be a facelifted Model 3 surfaced online in December of last year, suggesting that the automaker will finally update its entry-level EV.

Now that vehicle has been seen driving around once more, more pictures have been uploaded to the internet.

Some people think that the Model 3 update will be similar to the Model S refresh in that there won’t be any changes to the exterior and only improvements to the inside.

If that were the case, then why would Tesla go to such lengths to conceal the front and rear bumpers? The images from December also suggested a few minor design adjustments.

The rumors that have surfaced thus far point to improvements to the infotainment system, new battery advancements, and manufacturing efficiency. Shanghai, China, is the first location where the new Model 3 will be manufactured.

Tesla Model 3

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