Geely introduces a new electric car, with the sedan coming first

This year, Geely is launching a brand-new electric sedan and a brand-new EV series. The new cars will be sold under the Geely main brand rather than under a separate brand.

Know about Geely a brand-new EV series:

Among global automakers, Geely has one of the most intriguing automotive portfolios. The company owns Lotus, Volvo, Polestar, Lynk & Co., Zeekr, and the brand-new electric pickup truck Radar. Then there is Geely, LEVC, Proton, Geometry, Livan, and Farizon. The company also owns a portion of Smart and Aston Martin, as if that weren’t enough. Add in the recent acquisition of Meizu to bring together all things digital, and a single company that operates in numerous markets worldwide.

The new electric sedan that Geely has shown off is supposed to be about the same size and cost as the Zeekr 001. The new car and its soon-to-be-announced siblings will occupy the higher end of the market without challenging Zeekr’s position as a luxury brand.

Geely is making the most of its highly adaptable SEA platform, which supports several electric vehicles already, including the Smart #1 and Smart #3, Zeekr 001 and 009, Lotus Eletre and the upcoming Lotus Envya, Volvo EX90, and the Smart’s sibling, the Volvo EX30. Amazing things can be accomplished when the SEA platform serves as a solid foundation.

Geely EV-1

With Zeekr taking over the high-end spot and Geely using its name for the new EV family, it is up to other brands to fill in the gaps in the market. The cheapest electric cars will be manufactured by Geometry, and some of the most cutting-edge models will be sold under the Jidu brand, with the Jidu ROBO-01 and ROBO-02 models serving as market-testing instruments.

It still has a long way to go to catch up to BYD, but it already has a lot of fans to back up its goals. In 2022, the entire Geely group sold over 2.3 million vehicles, including diesel- and gasoline-powered models.

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