Musk Said That Tesla Will Give FSD Beta Users a One-Month Free Trial

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently agreed to a free one-month trial of the firm’s FSD tech. Musk responded on Twitter to a question regarding a Canadian subscription service for FSD. Musk emphasised that the trial will only be deployed after the FSD system achieved “super smooth” performance, despite the trial’s introduction date still being undetermined.

Free Trial of FSD Beta

Despite the lack of a timetable for the free trial, Musk’s commitment suggests that Tesla is concentrated on improving its FSD tech to guarantee a superior user experience. All owners of Tesla cars in North America will be allowed to participate in the free trial, and it might be expanded internationally once the technology has received regulatory approval and has been modified to be used on roads in other nations.

Musk will only participate in the one-month free trial if the FSD system is at its smoothest possible state. Musk claims that safety is Tesla’s top priority and that the business won’t turn to improving the FSD customer experience until a better level of safety has been reached.

Although a specific date for the free trial is not yet known, Tesla’s constant attempts to make its FSD system more secure and reliable could eventually open the door for its adoption.

Impacts on the Canadian Market Potential

A user asked Musk regarding a subscription service for FSD in Canada, wherein the system now costs $19,500 CAD for a one-time purchase, during the Twitter exchange that led to Musk’s promise to the free trial. Musk did not explicitly address the subscription issue, but his support for a future free trial indicates that the business is looking at various options to make FSD more available to Tesla customers in Canada and other areas.

In a recent statement, Musk discussed the imminent release of FSD Beta 11.4.1 and what features he anticipates FSD Beta v12 to have.

The eventual rollout of a one-month free trial might provide a big opportunity for Tesla customers to see the technology first-hand while Tesla strives to improve its Full Self-Driving system. Tesla’s ability to attain a high level of security and smoothness in how the system works may determine whether or not the trial is ultimately successful.

Musk Said That Tesla Will Give FSD Beta

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