Tesla Supercharger Magic Dock information out

The Tesla App now has images of the most recent Tesla Supercharger and what the company calls its “Magic Dock.” While Tesla has delayed opening its Supercharger network in North America, the company has already opened its Supercharger network to other electric car owners in Europe.

However, the most recent leak suggests that it will occur eventually. Additionally, the slight differences between the Superchargers in the United States and Canada are likely to blame for a significant portion of the delay.

Tesla is installing Dual Superchargers in Germany, which have smaller CCS connectors for non-Tesla EVs and dedicated Tesla connectors. This necessitates two distinct cables, but only one vehicle can be charged simultaneously.

Despite having an interchangeable CCS connector, the US solution appears to have just one cable. Although it appears to be a somewhat fiddly solution, that connector can be removed from the Tesla fitting that it is attached to. Certainly, Tesla considered this, and we will likely see a clever mechanical solution that secures the appropriate connector based on requirements.

Why go through the trouble of designing a CCS connector that can be swapped out automatically?

Despite its complexity, it will cost significantly less than purchasing two charging cables for each Supercharger. Here, economies of scale are the rules, and Tesla will not spend money it doesn’t need to, especially now that it has started its campaign to cut prices. Every dollar will be checked at least twice before being spent.

Tesla Supercharger Magic Dock

The possibility of retrofitting is another reason why Tesla would choose a Magic Dock solution rather than a Dual Supercharger, as it did in Europe. The Magic Dock may be able to be installed on older Superchargers without requiring significant modifications. As a result, the network would become accessible to electric vehicles other than Tesla at a much faster and more affordable rate.

Tesla Magic Dock-2

For EV owners, Tesla’s Supercharger network opening is great news, but not so much for Tesla enthusiasts. It will undoubtedly result in crowded places and possibly extended wait times to recharge your Tesla or any other electric vehicle.

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