Tesla CarPlay concept shows off a modular UI inspired by Apple’s

Since we have an imaginary idea of future CarPlay that going to debut in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. As shared the concept by designer John Calkins last year. To give the idea a more conceptualize look, the designer came up design series whereby it showcases a “modular, customizable layout.” The unveiled images depict Tesla CarPlay UI that includes several elements from the next generation Apple teased earlier.

As John shared the “Autos” concept that is already previewed by Apple’s “next generation” of CarPlay at WWDC 2022. Although the same was murky overall, also the company disclose a few renders of what it seemed to be like. In order when the first vehicle acquires is going to be announced by late 2023. It also comprises details that reveal the fact that CarPlay is more customized for vehicles.

Apple also shared that the future of CarPlay will let users “personalize their driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs, and with added support for widgets, users will have at-a-glance information from Weather and Music right on their car’s dashboard.”

 Renders showcase with titled “CarPlay is Coming”

Whereas the essence of a modular, customizable CarPlay experience. John shared an all-new concept that helps us to know what it could look like in a Tesla Model 3/Y respectively. This renders showcase by Johns posted along with the titled “CarPlay is Coming.”

Moving further, the app sidebar on the left seems similar to John’s previous concept. While the new UI also includes the content from the Apples WWDC CarPlay. That also tease trip meter, HomeKit tile, calendar, and more. It includes four different configurations with a modular design.

Again, the top left corner reflects the current driving speed (or P/R) along with the battery status. While Climate control is present at the bottom left corner.

The concept also includes the image of what it seems to be. In order to bring in Tesla’s specific UI element. The things which are not included in the concept are Tesla’s live camera and ultrasonic sensor that visualize with the CarPlay UI.

This brings a closer look in association with Ted Lasso and the company, which reveals how Apple’s apps could look on a 15-inch Tesla 3/Y center screen. Also, if someone is eager to try out CarPlay in their Tesla, then there are a couple of options. It includes a browser workaround and third-party add-on displays respectively.

Tesla CarPlay concept shows off a modular UI inspired by Apple’s


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