Paris step forward in order to ban over 15,000 e-scooters

Electric vehicles considering to be the trend changing around the globe. Reportedly, the news coming from Paris whereby they banning 15,000 rental electric scooters. However, the action has been taken in regard to the concern related to public safety on the city’s sidewalk.

As per the news, the Paris town council may not be going to renew the license of three operators. And the name includes Lime, Dott, and Tier, also the same going to expire in February 2023 respectively. Whereas, at the same time, the operators simultaneously suggest numerous improvements in order to get renewed licenses. While the decision on banning battery-operated scooters is came predicted to release in the next couple of weeks.

Security, environment, and the sharing of public space are the concern 

To elaborate on the issue in more detail than the step taken by authorities for e-scooters in the most crowded city of France. The issue related to safety, space, and inconvenience caused to the general public. Deputy mayor David Belliard, who are green party politicians in charge of transport in the city. As he told Le Parisien newspaper recently that the trouble caused by scooters become more as compared to the advantage to the city.

“In terms of security, environment, and the sharing of public space, it would be complicated to continue,” he said.

In addition to the above news, in 2022, Paris registered 337 accidents with e-scooters. And this number is comparatively up from 247 accidents that took place the previous year. On the other hand, in 2021, 24 people surrendered to scooter-related road accidents in France, also one in Paris.

While Paris isn’t the only in the list, other cities globally are said to come up with new guidelines on electric scooters. The step is taken as a part of safety concerns by limiting the number of operators. Other factors include vehicle speed and reduces the number of parking areas.

In contrast to this concern, Operators, on the other hand, try to suggest certain solutions. It includes the addition of further regulations, including ID checks to make sure users are over 18 of age. Also simultaneously fixing license plates on electric scooters, as it helps the police to identify traffic offenders.

“If Paris accepts our proposals, it would become the city with the strictest scooter regulation in the world,” Lime public affairs director Garance Lefevre said.

Paris step forward in order to ban over 15,000 electric scooters

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