Elon Musk is himself testing Tesla Steam integration

The moment when the updated Model S and Model X were released by Tesla. It has been exaggerated by the company about its onboard computer which is quite capable of giving every possible experience to the user.  Especially capable of playing the latest games and equally tuned up with the latest game consoles. And the same has been promised by Elon Musk that by August of this year. The Tesla cars will support the entire Steam library. And to be very uncertain, the time came and went and Tesla was still quiet.

While asking about the updates regarding integration, Elon Musk replied that he was actually testing it on the very same day. On the other hand, it seems like the feature is still on the cards but it’s a bit surprising that there is no word for its specific timeline.

However, Tesla has already offered video games in its infotainment system. Also, it is working with many game studios to provide even more. But at the same time, integrating with the entire Steam library would probably make tesla cars the most expensive gaming console in the world. To be worth adding here, as per Elon Musk in-car gaming is important once the cars start driving by themselves. And that will be resolved soon.

As Tesla has an entire team of efficient software engineers working on video games in its Seattle office. In addition to this, the second team is being collaboratively put together in Austin. And their task is to further develop the Tesla Arcade, which is a video platform that is not too different from Steam and certainly available across all Tesla vehicles.

Also, the company is constantly working on updating the library of games that are available through Tesla Arcade. And it indicates probably it wants to offer a bulk subscription to its gaming service by bundling different gamers together. The same sounds very predictable because it is essentially what Steam offers or Xbox Live Store or even PlayStation Store. Now, it is quite predictable that Tesla is simply trying to come into the gaming business as well.

Now, this whole situation basically depicts the fact that how far Tesla is ahead of its competitors. Whereas other companies still struggling with basic software issues, outdated graphics design, laggy performance and unusable user interfaces. Notably, Tesla is struggling with console-grade video games in its cars.

Its been quite uncertain whether they are able to manage to get the FSD to roll out to the general public. And whether it is practically as good as it claims it is. Although, quality gaming is a great solution altogether, especially when talking about electric cars. As it takes about an hour to recharge the car at a public charger, thereby if the driver is alone then they will be able to manage with a book or a quick YouTube or Netflix session on a phone. Also, having a decent gaming platform which means keeping everyone occupied in the car. This is quite essential during long trips.

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