Tesla is now strict towards the Standard Connectivity

Tesla is becoming a highly anticipated company which is now becoming the world’s largest selling electric car in the world. But this time as tesla knows that they have a large base of customers so they finally start changing their updated schedule of the connectivity standard. Nowadays connectivity standard is becoming the biggest factor in any car and it is the biggest showcase for the users too.

Now Tesla start charging to their connectivity standard update. Tesla has officially stated that now the upcoming cars’ extra feature standards will become chargeable and the car owners must have to pay $10 per month. Yes, it’s true that the owner of the company case if they want to connect more features. In short, the car will continue to offer free security updates but if you want the extra new feature so they will ask to prefer the amount by the company. However, despite introducing the Premium package, Tesla still promised free lifetime Standard Connectivity features for all new cars, until now.

I think it’s quite the right decision by the company because Tesla becomes the most famous company in the EV market. The company has a number of consumers with an effective sales ratio and we have to learn from tesla how to promote their products with highly anticipated functions and features. But now tesla has realized that its consumer base is very much strong and that is why tesla is started to do limits the standard connectivity to 8 years for new vehicles.

Yes, it’s true now there is no longer free lifetime standard connectivity in new vehicle purchases. It just only three years since the premium connectivity package was introduced by the company. This function was available for the buyers who will buy the car on or after July 1, 2018. But now according to the plan tesla’s order, they are not banning their previous standard connectivities but they are asking for some reasonable amount for the latest features. Now the point is that what is the reason behind this decision. So according to my opinion, Tesla owners in Australia do use the paid premium connectivity plan because of the value it offers.

So as we know tesla becomes one of the largest electric car manufacturing companies in the world and the company sold more than 136,000 cars the previous year. And this time the company also focuses on the claiming target which is manufacturing or delivering 2,5000 cars in the second quarter of this year. But in these upcoming cars, there will no longer offer of access to standard connectivity features. According to the official Tesla support page on connectivity, the company reveals a policy in which they mention that all the subscriptions will be payable after July 20, 2022. But in this scenario, the good thing is that there will be 0 change in the Premium Connectivity package and it will remain available for a monthly subscription fee for all four models.

  • Satellite navigation
  • Bluetooth
  • USB playback
  • and FM Radio

Not even this the company also facilitates the package on the SiriusXM satellite radio will include. But it’s still very hard to say
whether it will intentionally handicap cars after eight years by removing features like Bluetooth, USB playback, and FM radio, but the one feature that will definitely become unavailable after the free Standard Connectivity period is satellite navigation. At the time of launch, it was priced at $16.99 per month but after listening to the Australian owner’s feedback, it’s been $9.99 per month ever since.

All Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs are allows navigation on the big 15” landscape screen. According to a report, the tesla owners come exactly nine months deduction in premium connectivity trial period one year to just 30 days. This change will impact customers of used Tesla down the track but Tesla may offer another connectivity option when that happens. However, Tesla’s Model S and Model X still get a year of free trial before their owners have to pay for the premium features. Anyways We will update this article if more information comes to hand.

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