Owners are Suing Tesla, Alleging that a Software Update Destroyed their Batteries

A fresh lawsuit bringing a class action against Tesla has been filed in the Northern District of California’s US Court of Appeals. The corporation allegedly released a software upgrade that, unknowingly to users of the Model S and Model X, reduced their power source capacity by at least 20%. This appears to have occurred in the absence of any battery-related details in the latest update’s description.

After this upgrade, the power source was sometimes rendered useless, forcing the owners who were impacted to pay a staggering $15,000 for a brand-new one through Tesla. People who were more fortunate just had to turn to handing over a third party $500–$750 to undo the upgrade in order to resume their prior battery longevity.

It should be noted that Tesla has refuted a connection among the software version (or updates; it’s unclear from the phrase what number of them we’re speaking with) and its The phrase “derating of the battery” might not be shocking.

The complainants demand “relief for their injuries in addition to the the monetary harm they experienced as a result” and “recovery for all support to that to which they have been entitled, which includes but is not limited to but not limited to reimbursement for privately and related expenditures, such as reimbursement for the owners of Tesla who gave for the replacement of their battery packs or to change the programme revisions, punitive penalties, and a court order requiring Tesla to.”

Since the decision-making process is in the hands of the the courts, it could last several months or even weeks. They will update you. requiring Tesla to stop arbitrarily upgrading software or changing the performance of a car without its approval,” the petition states.

Owners are Suing Tesla

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