In April, BYD Sells Twice the Amount of Electric Vehicles as it did the Previous Year

With their January sales battling to increase, BYD might have had a sluggish start to the year. Regardless of whether this was due to Tesla’s price reductions or consumers still recuperating from end-of-year spending, once February got underway, sales started to go up and kept increasing up. In fact, BYD sold more than double the electric vehicles in April as it did at exactly the same time a year prior.

Inevitably, the company had to change its pricing as well, yet at conclusion, BYD Qin sold an astounding 42,202 units, closely followed by BYD Yuan with 39,160 units sold. Just two NEV variants were released in a month.

As compared to April of last year, BYD Qin sales increased by almost 80%, and BYD Yuan by almost 160%.

The sales of the BYD Song family of vehicles dropped to 8,100 units, which is 5 times fewer than the month before and 3 times fewer than last year. Fortunately for the business, BYD Dolphin came through with 30,462 automobiles finding new owners, representing a further increase in sales of over 150% over April of previous year.

With sales of 14,329 and 11,759 units, respectively, BYD Han and BYD Tang are both dependable and consistent performers. Although their sales are not very impressive, these models are nonetheless expanding steadily.

Frigate 07, among other less well-known models other than China, has been on the market since December of last year, and sales are increasing; 10,003 vehicles were sold in April, which is approximately 23% more than in March and twice as many as in January. BYD Seal’s monthly sales have stayed at 6,000 vehicles since January, which is less than the firm would like to see.

With 1,500 vehicles delivered, the recently launched BYD Seagull experienced a busy month, but that figure deserves further examination. BYD might have to start worrying if such sales were dispersed throughout the entire month.

Fortunately, the Seagull is out to an impressive start considering those 1,500 units—the car went on sale on April 26—were sold in just 4 days.

Finally, there is the BYD Denza family, which includes a brand-new luxurious SUV and one of the initial electric MPVs on the market. The D9 is left to symbolise the family because the N7 SUV is still not available for purchase, and it performs a respectable job. The MPV had steady growth in April with sales of 10,526 units; it first went on market in December with 6,000 sales.

BYD is a formidable power all things considered. The number of NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) sold by the corporation in April alone was 209,467, almost twice as much as in April 2022. Even if the growth from month to month was only 1.5%, there are still a sizable number of electrified automobiles that are finding new homes. China may have a sizable automobile market, but at this rate, it will reach 100% electrification much before the rest of the globe does.

BYD Sells Twice the Amount of Electric Vehicles

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