The Complete Guide to Tesla Tricks and Shortcuts You Should Know

Tesla automobiles are renowned for their revolutionary technology, which improves the driving experience. This article will explore Tesla hints and suggestions that will improve your experience even further. While some of these suggestions might be unique regarding the Model 3 and Model Y, the most apply to the whole Tesla portfolio.

Tips for FSD Beta and Autopilot

To change the highest Autopilot speed to the current speed when the vehicle is in Autopilot mode, tap the speedometer. If you’d like to keep moving at the same speed without having to manually alter it, this is helpful.

For setting your top speed to the speed restriction plus your selected offset, tap the sign for the speed limit. Again, doing so enables you to use Autopilot at a legal and safe speed.

You don’t need to grab the small bar on the right side of the visualisations to enlarge your FSD (Beta) visualisations. To extend the FSD visualisations to full screen, merely swipe right on the speedometer/speed limit section or above.

You may likewise swipe left around the very top of the screen to get out of full-screen visualisations. A simple swipe towards the driver will do.

Tips for Music and Audio

It’s simple to access and manage your music whilst driving by tapping the album image to toggle between opening and closing the sizable music panel.

By tapping the volume button within the launcher’s bottom right corner, followed by the levels icon, you may change audio settings like the equaliser and balance.

Automotive Apps

Although numerous apps can be closed by swiping down from the top, you are not required to do so. If the app has already been scrolled towards the top, you may close it by swiping down on any of its non-interactive elements or empty space.

By using a straightforward voice command like “show map” or by touching the icon for the open app, you may also quickly close all active apps or menus.

To quickly access your calendar, tap the time to keep your schedule close at hand.

Tips for Navigation

To make your everyday commute easier, simply swipe downwards on the navigation icon to easily get to your house or place of employment.

If an app or menu covers your map in a Model 3 or Model Y, you may quickly return to the map screen and close any active apps by tapping the navigation box that displays next to your speedometer.

Tips for Climate Control

While holding down the climate temperatures button, the climate system can be turned off.

You may quickly access climate controls by swiping anywhere on the launcher to activate the climate window. By selecting “split” from the climate directions, the temperature of the cabin can be adjusted for both the driver and the passenger. Alternately, you can change the temperature using the voice commands “sync climate” or “unsync climate.”


You may check and modify charging settings by tapping the battery symbol to access the charging menu.

You may choose between miles and percentages by tapping the range, giving you a personalised view of all your remaining energy.

You can also tap the indicator lights on the left to open the relevant option. The low tyre pressure icon, for instance, opens the tyre pressure option while touching the headlights icon displays the light settings.

Once the windscreen has been cleaned, pressing the button on the left stalk will show the wiper settings so you may quickly change them. Once your wiper settings are displayed on the screen, you can also quickly switch between wiper settings by using the left scroll wheel as of update 2023.12.

You can quickly access headlight options by flicking the stalk on your high beams, which also displays light settings.

You can tap the turn signal symbol on the screen to briefly switch on or off the blind spot camera regardless of whether you utilise Tesla’s blind spot cameras while your turn signal is on.

Drivers who opt not to use the blind spot camera but occasionally want to see what’s alongside them will find this to be extremely helpful.

Mirrors with heat

You can activate your heated mirrors by turning on the back window defroster if your mirrors are clouded up, covered with snow, or have frost on them.

Voice Orders

Employ a voice command “open glovebox” or click the car symbol on the touchscreen, then the glovebox icon, to open the glovebox.

These Tesla tricks and shortcuts provide you quick access to key features and settings, which can improve your driving experience.

Tesla Tricks and Shortcuts You Should Know

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