First Photographs of the Next EV Concept are Released by Lancia

The initial response was a little bit of shock when Lancia revealed what was supposed to be the design language prototype last year. Everyone appeared to be hoping for a Lancia Delta Integrale comeback, but the business focused on designing boats instead. Fortunately, that isn’t the case.

The first pictures of the next Lancia Concept have been shown by Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano. This vehicle will be entirely electric, and it will serve as the Lancia brand’s mission statement for the ensuing one hundred years. Big words with a lot of expectations.

Regrettably, we haven’t had a chance to see the entire vehicle, so we are unable to evaluate the 100-year manifesto. But what we can clearly see is the historical influence. You are 100 percent correct if you believe you’ve seen that hot behind before. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Lancia Stratos of the twenty-first century.

This concept car is supposed to be sporty and futuristic-looking. However many aficionados of automobiles will have pleasant memories of it. Lancia wants everyone to forget about the past 20 years of its Fiat and Chrysler rebadging activities because it wants to capitalise on its legacy.

The Lancia Concept is completely unknown, but given that the firm has access to Stellantis’ enormous warehouses, we can only hope that it will use some high-performance components. It’s simple to picture how the entire world would rush to purchase a 500-hp electric Lancia Stratos replica.

At the Emozione Pu+Ra celebration honouring 116 years of Lancia heritage as well as the following 100 years of its future, the Lancia Concept will make its public debut on April 15. We can only hope that perhaps the concept is far superior to the “design language” Pu+Ra that Lancia gave us last year.


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