EV dominance: represent 40% of sales in the UK and 55% in Germany

In December of last year, 55.4% of the total volume of passenger car sales in Germany were for plugin vehicles. BEVs holds 33.2% of the market share, while plug-in hybrids hold 22.2%.

That is a significant increase when compared to December 2021, when PHEV and BEV shares were 21.3% and 14.4%, respectively. The reduction in government subsidies is one factor that contributed to the increase in December 2022. Beginning on January 1, BEVs priced below €40,000 will receive €4,500 instead of €6,000 in subsidies, while vehicles priced between €40,000 and €65,000 will receive €3,000 instead of €5,000. PHEVs are also becoming completely excluded from the subsidy program. In 2024, the government intends to further reduce subsidies.

However, experts predict that the BEV market will continue to expand, possibly reaching 50 percent in 2026 and close to 90 percent in 2028.


BEV sales totaled 470,592 units in 2022, a solid 32.2% increase over the previous year. The BEV shipments are even more impressive when you consider that overall vehicle sales are flat this year (only a 1 percent YoY increase).

Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 were the best-selling vehicles in December, followed by VW’s ID.4 and ID.5. The first two spots remain unchanged for the entire fourth quarter, but the Fiat 500e comes in third. In addition, if one looks at 2022 as a whole, the Fiat 500e remains in third place while Tesla’s Model Y performs better than the Model 3.

Moving on to the United Kingdom, total sales of electric vehicles are not quite as high, but they are still growing quickly. Plug-ins made up 39.5 percent and 32.9 percent, respectively, of the new cars that were sold. BEV sales in the UK market increased by 53% in December 2021, while PHEV sales remained mostly flat.


The overall share of BEVs in 2022 will be 16.6%, while the share of PHEVs will be just 6.3%. That’s a healthy 43% increase year over year for BEVs, and when you look at the numbers from the last few

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