Tesla continues at top, with annual sales exceeding 1.3 million

Overtaking second-place BYD’s pure electric sales of 910,000 vehicles, Tesla delivered 1.31 million electric vehicles, an increase of 40% year-over-year, and remained the world leader in electric vehicle sales.

Model 3 and Model Y are two of the most popular specific models. In 2022, 1,298,434 vehicles will be created, and a sum of 1,247,146 vehicles will be conveyed.

They are still the most popular models that Tesla has sold the most of. Another reliable media outlet reported that Tesla’s total sales in the European market in November 2022 were nearly 32,000, a 97% increase from the previous year.

The European market is home to fuel-powered vehicles. The Model Y outsold the Volkswagen Golf to become the most popular vehicle in Europe, selling nearly 20,000 of them a 260% increase.

In addition, the fuel-powered Model Y has emerged as the best-selling model in numerous nations worldwide. It is anticipated that Tesla’s delivery volume in 2022 will be comparable to the Audi brand’s global sales volume.

In 2023, it will even surpass Mercedes-Benz and BMW in terms of sales, becoming the world’s highest-selling luxury brand. If it maintains a growth rate of approximately 50%.

Regarding the introduction of new automobiles, Tesla officially delivered the all-electric Semi in 2022. And is anticipated to deliver the all-electric Cybertruck in 2023.

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