Tesla confirms Cybertruck is going to get 1 MW ultra-fast charging technology

Reportedly, now with the announcement of the Tesla Semi, the company also ensures that Tesla Cybertruck will also be going to take the advantage of the company’s 1 MW ultra-fast charging technology.

While recently at Tesla Semi Delivery Event. The US automaker didn’t roll out a new Roadster from the back of a Tesla Semi. As it did at the vehicle’s actual unveiling five years back. But subsequently, there was still a “one more thing” moment during the event.

Notably, Tesla disclosed its all-new 1 MW DC fast charging technology for its Tesla Semi. Also, as unveiled by various sources, we are already aware of the fact that Tesla had a 1 MW charging tech for the Tesla Semi. On the other hand, at the event, the company announced its new “immersion cooling technology”. The same makes it effortlessly achieve a much higher power output in the same small form factor.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the same has been used by Cybertruck too

However, that is massively impressive in itself all the way. But simultaneously it is also much needed for a huge semi truck to be equipped with a massive battery pack.

Furthermore, another big news is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the same has been used by Cybertruck too. It will be used by Cybertruck too. Dan Priestley, Tesla Semi Program manager, added- This is coming to our Superchargers next year.

Recent plans for all new Supercharger stations show stalls that are completely allotted to pickup trucks. Now, it seems like those stalls will have much more capacity. While it seems to be linked to Tesla’s new Supercharger V4.

As per electrek experts, this big news however not entirely clear yet. On the other hand, the new technology enables over 1 MW charging respectively. Also, Musk does not reveal things clearly to the point that Cybertruck would be able to achieve the same power output. Or if it would just use the same technology.

It also indicates that we can expect lightning-fast charging speeds from the Tesla Cybertruck. At the time, it will be going to debut in the market next year. Whereas, Tesla evolve with this new technology that is not only limited to its new charging stations for Tesla Semi in order to use for commercial purposes. But also to Supercharger stations for regular Tesla drivers as well.

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