Tesla Giga Texas builds 240 units of Model Y per day

Recently, Tesla took over an announcement via Twitter about its progress at Giga Texas. Whereby, this team enable to manage to build over 20,000 Tesla Model Y cars by the time they begin their operation there. Additionally, the production line started in April with a slow ramp-up. While by September the factory made 10,000 units of Model Y respectively. Also, in the last 43 days, this team successfully produced another 10,000 cars at the rate of 240 cars every day. Therefore, on aggregate it reaches over 87,000 cars per year at this speed.

While in the last one-quarter Tesla manufactured 291,189 units of Model Y across all its factories. To take good advantage of the news, Elon Musk also confirmed the same during the July earnings call in front of Tesla’s investors. He also claims that the company expects to ramp up production at the Texas facility to 1,000 vehicles per week. Simultaneously, it seems like the Texas team conquers the expectations, as 1,600 cars a week is quite an achievement.


In add more to this info, Giga Berlin is comparatively 3 times smaller than Giga Texas. Also, it is already captive to produce 2,000 cars per week. Further, the unit is predicted to touch the yearly capacity of 250,000 cars sometime next year.

Therefore, altogether this brings reason for joy and celebration. Tesla posted some of its photos whereby their employees celebrating the achievement. However, it has been captured in the picture which depicts that all employees were not happy about the results though. In the picture, one employee flipped the birdie right into the camera.

Apparently, Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are achieving such great numbers in terms of their sales. Thus, it conquers market after market and doing so becomes a global bestseller. Also, if nothing comes its way then as per Tesla’s production goals. It should sell nearly 800,000 units of Model Y this year. On the other hand, possibly sell more units of e Model 3. If it manages the same then Model 3 will join the league of top 5 global bestsellers with Model Y either close or probably even ahead of it.

Tesla Giga Texas

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