Tesla will remove ultrasonic sensors from its cars

Tesla, the American electric car automaker, focuses on Safety which is the core of its design and engineering decisions. The company did a strategic transition by stepping ahead toward its Tesla Vision. As it removes the radar from its Model 3 and Model Y which is again followed by Model S and Model X in 2022. Therefore, it has been implemented around the different corners of the world. As these vehicles now rely on Tesla Vision, which is the company’s camera-based Autopilot system.

Since, its launch, the company have their a keen focus on sustainable improvements on both feature parity and safety. Therefore compared to its existing radar-equipped vehicles, Model 3 and Model Y come with Tesla Vision. It either maintained or improved its active safety ratings in the US and Europe markets. While it performs most in pedestrian automatic emergency braking (AEB) intervention.

Removing USS from Model 3 and Model Y

Whereas, the American automaker, also stepped next toward the Tesla Vision. It did so, by removing the ultrasonic sensor (USS) from Model 3 and Model Y. While it will continue to roll out with Model 3 and Model Y worldwide in the coming next months. On the other hand, Model S and Model X in 2023.

Also, apart from the removal of the USS, they concurrently launched their vision-based occupancy network. The same has been parallelly used in the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, in order to replace the input generated by USS. And with the addition of today’s software, the approach gives Autopilot high definition spatial positioning, also longer range visibility and the ability to identify and differentiate between objects. Additionally, along with many Tesla features, the company’s occupancy network are being continuously improving rapidly.

Tesla Vision vehicle with temporarily in-active features

While for a little time period during this transition. The vehicles that come under Tesla Vision and are not packed with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily inactive. It includes the following below:

  • Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is travelling <5 mph.
  • Autopark: automatically manoeuvres into parallel or perpendicular parking spaces.
  • Summon: manually moves your vehicle forward or in reverse via the Tesla app.
  • Smart Summon: navigates your vehicle to your location or location of your choice via the Tesla app.

Also, in the coming near future, once these features achieve performance parity with present vehicles. They will start restoring via a series of OTA (over-the-air ) software updates. Notably, all other available Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capability features will be made active at the time of delivery, it depends on the order configuration.

According to Tesla, they already succeeded in achieving incremental improvements with Tesla Vision. Along with Tesla’s roadmap of future Autopilot improvements and abilities. The automaker quite ensures that this is the best strategy for the future of Autopilot and also for the customer’s safety.

Tesla to remove ultrasonic sensors

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