Tesla showcases its humanoid robot for less than $20,000

Tesla is an innovator of the latest and state-of-the-art inventions followed by multi-product lines. The automotive giant recently unveiled its Optimus humanoid robot at its AI Day 2022. Whereas Elon Musk having its believes that their firm going to launch it in the market for less than $20,000.

The working prototype of this humanoid robot is unveiled at the start of the event where it is demonstrated and explained. This project has been announced first last year at Tesla’s AI day 2021.

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Bumble C

There were two prototypes unveiled at the event. The humanoid robot has two prototypes and both of them are showcased at the event. The event starts by unveiling Bumble C. Notably, this is the first version of the bot and it is developed with “semi off-the-shelves” actuators. While it apportioned as a testing version for Tesla’s first robot developed with in-house parts.

Although, it didn’t demonstrate any expertise skills or impressive on stage at this point in time. Rather able to walk and wave at the crowd. Whereas, Tesla also demonstrates its skills with the help of some videos, whereby it performs certain tasks in a controlled environment. This is intended to make us understand its usefulness. The company also showed the robot while performing a task at an actual workstation at the Fremont factory.

Tesla showcase its humanoid robot for less than $20,000

After Bumble C, they present the first generation Optimus robot on stage. It is speculated that Tesla unveils the earlier and rougher prototype as it doesn’t have the actual and new one to come up with it.

Whereas Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals the fact about the new robot As per him, it will be able to walk in the very near future. But simultaneously, they wanted to show this version as it is very much similar to the one that goes in the production line.

Optimus robot

At this event, they revealed their first prototype which they had in February 2022. And the same goes led to a newer version that will suppose to walk in the next few days. Tesla also shares certain specs of the Optimus robot. It includes a 2.3 kWh battery pack, which the company claims to work for the whole day.

After presenting the specs and the main feature of the bot. Tesla moved further with a more detailed presentation with respect to the robotic and AI approach to developing it. At Tesla’s AI Day, the company recruits and basically presents what they are indulged in, and this is to attract fresh talent.

Moving ahead, Musk mentioned that Tesla’s plus point is that its bot is backed by its AI. The same has been primarily developed for self-driving technology. Also as per him, Tesla is going to utilise this work in order to enable the robot for real-world navigation for performing useful tasks.

The CEO also repeat the previous of its comments about how Optimus can able to pertain “fundamental change in civilization as we know it” by virtually “ending poverty”, helping in improving the economy through its industrial efficiency.

He added that the robot cost “less than $20,000” to make. Although, he didn’t update the production timeline. However, as per his previous statement whereby he said Tesla planned to bring it into production by next year.

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