Elon Musk recalls 1.1 Million cars for repairing

As we all know that Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world also he is the CEO of Tesla and just because of Tesla “Elon musk” is now become the king of the news. Here let me tell you that Tesla is one of the best companies in the world for making the best designs of their cars. Recently Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y became the most famous model in the world and Elon Musk was also claiming that the Cyber Truck will finally gonna released at the end of this year.

We were waiting for the release of the Cyber Truck excitedly but all of a sudden news goes viral literally making us helpless to think about that should we buy Tesla cars or not. So the whole matter started when the news got viral on “Twitter” in which Elon musk was claiming to recall 1.1 million cars in order to repair them. He states that we recall the cars because the company is only issuing a “tiny software” update to fix the pinching window problem.

According to the report, the automatic system of window reserve was not working in the car which may be the biggest cause of the accident and severe injury. Not even this the automobile experts also give a statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), that the team will update the Over-The-Way software to an effective system.

The company did not get any complaint

The Texas-based company has said that so far no such complaint has come to the fore in any warranty claim and crash etc. Nor has there been any complaint of any casualty or loss of life so far. The traffic safety regulator said that if the window is closed without a proper automatic reversing system, the driver may have to bear the loss.

what is the problem

According to the traffic safety regulator, this loophole was first regulated in August. If the car windows are closed with excessive force, then the driver may have to bear the loss.

Popular in many parts of the world

Tesla is also planning to bring the car to India, which is still stuck in the tax etc. Although the company will start selling the best of any model in India, there is also a question about that. Tesla cars are very much like in many countries of the world.

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