Buyers failed to pre-order Tesla cars ( Tesla delaying to delivering the cars)

Tesla is now that famous this time so every single person is willing to buy the Tesla car and become the owner of the Tesla car. That is the reason there are millions of buyers who want to buy Tesla’s new Models and start pre-ordering the car but due to the shortage of cars, there are some delays in delivery of the old cars which were ordered in Q4 of 2021. According to the report, there are 3 million orders are pending to delivering on the other hand there 1 million more orders who are willing to buy the Tesla car but they are failed to order the car.

After the huge success of Model 3 now the Model Y is also at its peak in sales. In Q2 of 2022 Tesla Model Y became the most famous car in the world and break all the record sales. After this, there are so many customers who register their orders for Model Y and the company accepted the delivery but only till the production ratio limit. When the company realizes that now there is a shortage of car production in the factory the company stopped taking orders and in the end when the buyers realize that their orders are not registered or they failed to pre-ordered so they started tweeting and start criticizing the company sites.

Not even this there are so many comments on the Tesla registration websites that are complaining about the blockage of the website. After such a dramatic moment Tesla CEO Mr. Elon Musk officially reported to the customers about the shortage of car production and the main reason for not taking booking the car.

failed to pre-order Tesla cars
failed to pre-order Tesla cars

According to the recorded data Total production in Q2 2022: was 258,580 and the Total deliveries in Q2 2022: were 254,695 but the total number of car bookings was 455,876 registered. According to the statement of Mr. Elon Musk, the company will be able to full fill the whole registered booking by the Q2 of 2023, and the whole situation caused due to the 1-month break in the production of the cars in China Shanghai gigafactory due to the Covid-19. Today’s delivery numbers represented sales growth of 28.5% year-over-year, and an 18.9% decrease sequentially for Elon Musk’s electric vehicle venture.


Earlier Mr. Elon Musk had hinted that the company may finally release the cyber truck soon may be at the end of 2022 or starting of the year 2023. This news was posted on Twitter and after listening to this news there were a bunch of buyers who start pre-ordered the cyber truck but the same thing was repeated again. Only a limited number of orders was accepted by the company and after that, there are millions of buyers who were standing in the line left with empty hands. A crowdsourced Cybertruck reservation tally by the Cybertruck forum with over 28,000 entries put reservations at over one million back in May 2021. The number has kept growing over the last year and is estimated to be close to 1.5 million reservations.

Now it will be very interesting to see that is Tesla will be able to deliver the registered orders and how they will deliver the feathers orders which were registered from 2021. But between all these registration and delivery issues one thing we all forget is the price of the car. Recently Tesla has announced that after increasing the extra function in their Models there may be a possibility of a quick bounce in the price of the vehicles. According to the configurator: “Pricing and options will be finalized as delivery approaches. You will be notified to complete your order when final pricing and options are published. Until then, your order will be considered a pre-order that you may cancel with a full refund.”

but after such a long wait the buyers who were waited for delivery of their orders for so long Finally, the Model X Plaid is reporting a delivery timeline of between August and October but is only available in a six-seat configuration.

Anyways after such a delaying process of the car, there will be possibilities of two things 1st one is the trust issue may be built of the customers towards the Tesla manufacturing factories and that could affect the demand of the car on the other hand after having such heavy demand of the car there will be 90% possibility that Tesla may increase the prices of their Models and that may be the effect on the demand of the cars directly and the sales of the year may be less than before. Meanwhile, in both situations, the direct effect will go to the demand and there will be a most percent of possibility that the company can bear some loss after this.

So that was about this article and if we are expecting that Tesla will be able to deliver further orders from time to time and customers will be satisfied with their Delivery service. And in the end, we can just hope for the best.

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