Tesla is accused of the false advertising of Autopilot (claimed by California regulator)

Tesla now become the most powerful electric car company that is now on the top of the world. Tesla is the one who is openly claimed that there is hardly any competitor who can stand in front of us and if anyone tries to do so, maybe that time will be so short for that company because we have so many strong models manufacturing in the pipeline. Recently Tesla Model 3 became the most popular model in the world due to the highest sales in the 1st equator of 2022. But the tesla record breakdown by the Itself Tesla when Tesla Model Y became the most popular model in the world in the 2nd quarter of 2022. But besides this huge success, every company may have some controversies which became problems for them in the market and the same incident is happening with Tesla when the California regulator claims that Tesla provides false advertisements to the customers about the Autopilot mode.

Recently news got viral in which California regulator claims that the CEO of Tesla Mr. Elon Musk has claimed a false advertisement about the full Self-Driving mode. The Operating regulators were claiming the report on 28th July in California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and after investing the whole matter the complaint got public. In the complaint, the Words were Against Mr.Elon Musk and claimed that now Tesla should accuse of false advertising about the autopilot mode. After this, they also intell that this will be so harmful to the customers who have blind trust in Tesla. Not even this they also mention in the complaint that Tesla did false promises to the customers in order to attract them to their product.

Tesla is accused of the false advertising of Autopilot (claimed by California regulator)
Tesla is accused of the false advertising of Autopilot (claimed by California regulator)


According to a report, Tesla didn’t take any action against this complaint. The complaint got legally filed and then it was sent to the official website of Tesla “www.tesla.com”. Before this incident, there was also an incident in which the same scenario happened when there was a crash takes place due to the Autopilot mode. At that time the owner of the Tesla was on Autopilot mode but according to the words claimed by the Tesla that was not fully self-driving. Not even this there are lots of cases when the same case was filed in court and the customers are asking for the refundable money from Tesla but at the same time, Tesla breaks their silence and Excuses the whole matter that Autopilot allows vehicles to brake and steer automatically within their lanes but does not make them capable of driving themselves. The whole matter was discussed in the German court but after such a strong statement from Mr. Musk, the matter was shut down at the same time.

After that incident now one more case comes in front of us and now the voice is raised by the California regulator. According to the report the regulators are demanding canceling the license of Tesla in case of misleading their customers and false advertising of Autopilot. The DMV is seeking remedies that could include suspending Tesla’s license to sell vehicles in California and requiring the company to make restitution to drivers.

After such an incident, Tesla has finally broken their silence and finally come in front of the media on Aug 5 in order to clear the whole misunderstanding of the doubt full comments and said that Autopilot “enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane,” while Full-Self Driving also enables vehicles to obey traffic signals and make lane changes. Well according to me this is the same answer repeated by Tesla again. In the statement, the company has also included that we are not claiming to the owners of tesla to do blind trust in our product and never want them to trust the fake advertisement but there is also a warning note under the dropdown of the advertisement, which means that we are not clearly claimed for the fake promises to the users.

According to Tesla’s website, both technologies “require active driver supervision,” with a “fully attentive” driver whose hands are on the wheel, “and do not make the vehicle autonomous.” But Adding more, DMV clears that vehicles equipped with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving technology could not at the time of those advertisements, and cannot now, operate as autonomous vehicles. After this statement, one thing is very clear now the hard time for tesla may be started because this is not the first time when Tesla comes under this kind of controversy, and at the same time Mr. Musk has the same dialogue in their clarification.

But this time things are different because California is the largest U.S. market for Tesla. In 2021 the company has sold
132,000 vehicles in 2021 and overall 393,000 vehicles are sold nationwide.

Well after this case the one thing we should learn is that do not to buy anything after watching that advertisement on T.V. Because there are so many users who are dying to buy the Tesla models. But it doesn’t mean that the company will mislead the buyers and make fake promises only in order to promote their products. And you know, What is the main thing? Tesla is a huge name in the EV market in short we can say that Tesla is the king of the EV market. There are lots of small companies that follow Tesla as their mentor or remodel them. If Tesla did the things like this so what’s the effect gonna fix on their followers?


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