Hyundai and Itselectric Collaborate to Test City-Friendly Curbside EV Chargers

You’ll soon be able to stop and charge almost everywhere. In order to demonstrate curbside EV charging stations for urban use, Hyundai CRADLE, the open tech innovation division of the Hyundai Motor Group, is collaborating with itselectric, an EV charging company based in Brooklyn, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

In the epicentre of innovation, Silicon Valley, Hyundai CRADLE made its debut in 2017. In addition to creating its own projects to promote future transportation technology, the business unit invests in prospective businesses.

Previously known as Hyundai Ventures, the business unit focuses on fields like energy from renewable sources, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), services for mobility, smart cities, and sophisticated materials to help South Korean automakers expand into new, high-growth sectors.

For instance, in order to enable more affordable and effective batteries made with a new solid polymer electrolyte, Hyundai, via its subsidiary, invested in electric vehicle (EV) battery company Ionic Materials in 2018.

Hyundai CRADLE is collaborating with premier university research groups, AI businesses, financial institutions, among others to create the transportation of the future.

Hyundai’s most recent collaboration aims to increase accessibility to public EV charging in cities with curbside facilities.

Hyundai is experimenting EV charging at the curb

A new relationship between Hyundai CRADLE, itselectric, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation was established on Tuesday in order to demonstrate curbside EV charging stations that are specifically intended for urban use.

The company claims that the electric vehicle (EV) chargers will be the first entirely detachable, compact, strong, and user-friendly charging posts in North America.

The collaboration will serve as itselectric’s charging network’s first public trial and largest public demonstration, which enables residential property owners income sharing.

The company’s inclusion as a finalist in the Hyundai CRADLE’s EV Open Innovation Challenge led to the pilot. Finalists were selected for their ability to enhance charging infrastructure and increase EV access.

As part of the pilot, six chargers have been placed in the Brooklyn Army Terminal and Brooklyn Navy Yard. Local EV drivers will test each of the six ports for a two-month period in order to confirm the product’s usefulness.

In order to accelerate the introduction of zero-emission vehicles, Henry Chung, senior vice president and director of Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley, discusses how curbside EV chargers can be useful.

We are eager to investigate this possibility because curbside charging is a crucial component of the electric vehicle (EV) charging ecosystems that can give access to individuals who depend on public charging.

The “behind the metre” strategy of itselectric will have little effect on local budgets. The business collaborates with US towns to install, run, and maintain chargers without charging the city or the owner of the land, while also providing them with a monthly passive income.

The technology’s goal is to provide public infrastructure access in areas that do not already have it, which will hasten the adoption of EVs.

Hyundai and Itselectric Collaborate to Test City-Friendly Curbside EV Chargers

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