Tesla Model Y burned while charging

On social media platforms, a consumer Alyas Jalili exclaimed to Musk that while the time of charging her sister’s Model Y catch fire. She also indicated that the fire begin from the battery, but it was good and we can say that luckily at that time no one was available in the car.


Now we talk about Firefighters who will then take it out. Come conclusions from the video, the complexity is that some of the vehicles were extremely blistered, the top and front plastic portions were blistered entirely, and the entire vehicle was shut down to start damaged.

At that time, Tesla and Musk have not answered to this

In current days, now in China, there have been some fires, but that will not happen at the time of charging or not after an incident.

Uploaded video:

Now move to September 30, a blogger just posted or uploaded a video that displays that on a rainy day a white Tesla Model 3 was running at very high fire frequency on an urban road.

Tesla Model Y catch fire

Vehicles lost balance:

But all of sudden the vehicle loss there’s control and crashed into a roadside flower bed. The driver was questionable of being take out, and the vehicle visible after some time. There was a fire, and the fire was savage.

Tesla Y model:

On July 13, a Tesla Model Y in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province was questionably scrapped to catch fire after an accident.

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